It all began in 2022, during an early morning breakfast at Waffle House, just two days before Valentine's Day. Two lifelong best friends, Mitch and Ron, found themselves in a predicament. Mitch had forgotten to buy a card for his girlfriend on Cupid's holiday, and Ron, who steered clear of greeting card aisles for all occasions, proposed a "what if" scenario.

This idea
gave birth to

Cardberry was conceived to offer subscribers convenience, simplicity, and premium quality. We envisioned a model that would provide a hassle-free experience for selecting and sending the perfect greeting card to your loved ones. We understand that everyone is busy, and even a quick stop to grab a greeting card can be time-consuming.

No matter the occasion, holiday, or milestone, our mission is to make it convenient for you to show you care. Our goal is to deliver quality greeting cards with the utmost ease. It's as simple as three clicks, from your inbox to your mailbox.

At Cardberry, we take pride in valuing people and integrity. Your occasions matter to us. If your experience with Cardberry isn't exceptional, we want to hear about it so we can make it right. (And of course, we love to hear when your experience with us is fantastic too!)

We sincerely appreciate your support of Cardberry and for spreading love and care to those who matter most to you!

Picture this:

You're a working mom who realizes you need an anniversary card on your way home after daycare pick-up, just before you start preparing dinner.

Or perhaps,

You're a corporate executive with a 10-hour workday, yet you want to send a birthday card to your best friend across the country.


You work remotely in another country but still want your dad to know you care on Father's Day.

Never miss an important milestone,
holiday or occasion again!